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Director/Producer/Editor: Grant Gulczynski

Writer/Producer: Adam Zmith

Cinematographer: Michael Filocamo

Sound: Alistar Hobson, Dave Sohanpal, Ben Goodall

Cast: Luis Amália, Vincent Andriano


UK | 2019 | 15’

A horrific cycling incident leaves a young man, R., with damaged nerves in half of his body. Without much sensation, he can't feel himself. Watching a soothing video on YouTube gives him some pleasure at least. The video is ASMR: it features a guy who whispers and rubs his hands together to make soft noises that pleasures the viewer. When R. returns home from the hospital he is drawn more and more to the video guy who suddenly begins to talk directly to R. This bizarre exchange leads R. to a special video featuring the guy instructing R. to sniff poppers and watch porn clips. The experience is an epiphany for R.: a feeling of connection, primarily to himself.

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