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Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2014 | 94’

Producers: Ghazi Alqudcy, Grant Gulczynski

Directors: Graeme Cole, Kaori Oda, Manel Raga Raga, Namsuk Kim, Aleksandra Niemczyk, Grant Gulczynski, Fernando Nogari, Patrick Marshall, Suncica Fradelic, Thierry Garrel, Ghazi Alqudcy .

Eleven chapters and eleven different takes on a present (and future), which is still taking shape. From personal and poetic moments to protest and politics. Not much more is needed than a iPhone, a good idea and a sense of unpredictability to create a small piece of cinematic art - and to interpret reality in a cinematic form, signed by ones own creative fingerprint. 'Lost in Bosnia' is a collective poem about the very act of filmmaking at a critical, (film-)historical moment in time.

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